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Tow Tug

Tow tugs (or tow tractors) are designed primarily for towing single or multiple trailers. Used widely in transport applications and the motor industry, tow tugs enable large amounts of goods to be moved at the same time to common or multiple destinations with a single operator.

GH Translogistic Training provides fully accredited operator training for novices and experienced operators on all types of tow tugs as well as refresher and conversion training, from other truck types or capacities.


The All Terrain Pusher ATP400 is designed to push wheeled loads, even if the floor surface is less than perfect. Whether it be a long train of roll cages or a huge load on rails, the ATP400 possesses more than enough power. A combination of its AC drive motor and high-torque gearbox provide that power whilst traction is achieved via a leverage system and chunky pneumatic wheels. A steel chassis gives the tug strength and a self-levelling castor is one of many safety features.

Suitable for use in a wide range of applications and sectors :-

Retail and Logistics / Manufacturing and Assembly / Food and Beverage